Tiger-Rock Brandon

More than just developing martial artists, we believe in creating advantages that extend beyond the mat. Tiger-Rock’s R15E performance program was created to measure achievement and reward success. Each of the 15 steps, ranks towards black belt – requires the student to develop skills and tools to be a champion in life – on and off the mat!

We’re located in Brandon, MS across the street from Bob Boyte Honda.

Come join us on the journey as we take new recruits, pursue excellence, and transform them into experts with the skills to achieve lifelong success.

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Our early child development training program

Ages 4 - 6


Junior Martial Arts

Martial arts training for elementary and intermedia...

Ages 6 - 10


Youth Martial Arts

Best Teen Martial Arts Program in Colorado

Ages 11 - 15


Adult Martial Arts

Martial arts training for adults combines the ancie...

Ages 16+


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Monday - Saturday



  • Dustin Walters

    Have had a really great whole family experience over the past few months. Great work out for me and real motivation for the kids.

  • Melissa Underberg

    Absolutely fantastic birthday party venue and program. Party class instructors are TOP NOTCH! All our guests had a fantastic time and our birthday boy had the most memorable birthday party! Thanks Tiger Rock!

  • Kristel Taylor-Robinson

    We have loved Tiger Rock and I highly recommend it!! We have only been doing it a few months but my son is hooked and the team really is just like a big family and we love our tiger rock family!

  • Dana Phelps

    When you see an eleven year old junior instructor hold the shoulders of a six year old child, encourage them, tell them how much they have improved - and you see how much it means to your little one - you know it's a special place. No other sport gives this kind of interaction, this kind of support ... stop doubting and start joining !!

  • Kristia Lightle

    Tiger Rock is a great place! My oldest son has been taking lessons for a year and half and I have seen him change so Much in that time but it's a good change! He recently made the junior instructor team and my youngest son just started his journey to black belt also.. the staff there is always nice and they always take the time out to make sure everyone understands everything! We are looking forward to many more years of training there! We are proud to be apart of team Dear!!

  • Rocky Robinson

    I highly recommend Tiger Rock. My son has been taking almost a year and he has learned so much. They help with discipline, focus and confidence. The instructors are all wonderful and really want to see them succeed and give them tools to help watch them succeed both in class and life! If you are considering it I suggest giving them a try.

  • Ashley Ford

    This is a wonderful place! My son has trouble paying attention and staying focused but all the instructors are so patient and make it fun for him. I can’t say enough good things about Tiger Rock in Brandon. Your child will have a great time and learn a lot.

  • Ashley Herrin Brister

    My son is 12 and he has trained here since he was 4 and is now a 2nd degree level 4 black belt and he is also on the junior instructor team at the academy! My daughter is 5 and has been training for about a year and a half! I highly recommend it to anyone. My kids love it and have made wonderful friendships. The instructors are absolutely amazing and are such good role models for my kids. We look forward to many more years of training here!! I can't say enough good things about Tiger Rock in Brandon! It's an amazing place!!

  • Mandy Malone Brinson

    This place is fantastic. All of the instructors are so good with the kids which is awesome. The patients they have from the Tiger Cubs to the adults is so impressive. You won’t find that everywhere. You should totally visit if you never have had the chance.

  • Kodi Quetant

    What started out as a trial run to see if the kids would like it, ended up being a staple in our household with them now! Tiger Rock has really helped to bring our daughter out of her shell while giving our son a place to be as loud as he wants without getting in trouble!

  • Aubrey Evans Martinez

    This place is great and the children love it!!! GREAT STAFF!!!

  • Shondra Leary

    I highly recommended Tiger Rock Martial Arts for any boy or girl of any age. My son started Tiger Rock in June of 2016 at the age of 7; just as a summer activity...Here we are over 1.5 yr later, he is almost 9 and is very involved and loves it. It really was one of the best decisions we've made; he has learned so much more than the art of kicking and punching; he's learned concentration, how to work as a team, how to support others, respect, how to handle disappointments and even how to himself in a humble manner during his accomplishments. The instructors at Tiger Rock are great; they treat each kid like family, and are truly invested in each one. They want to see them succeed not only on the mat but in life. It's a recurring occurrence for my son to say; Mr. Dear would do it this way, or Mr. Frazier would say this; it shows me they respect them and want to make them proud. Which warms my heart.