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Best Teen Martial Arts Program in Mississippi

The junior high and high school years are a formative point in a student’s life. This is the time where their self-concept really begins to take shape. Students are often searching for the right fit for themselves among their peers. This is an exciting experience, but a very challenging one as well.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Brandon provides a positive environment for teens and pre-teens aged 11-15. When a student becomes part of our teen martial arts program, they join a group of like-minded peers. Students experience growth mentally, emotionally, and socially in our program. There are many exciting training, competitive, and leadership opportunities that enhance the student’s Tiger-Rock experience.

Tiger-Rock 15 Step RISE Program

Our Teens Martial Arts training program is more than just teaching martial arts skills.  We work directly with parents and educators to make sure that Tiger-Rock students continue to be successful in the classroom as they are on the mat.

Tiger-Rock’s R15E  performance program was created to measure achievement and reward success.  Each of the 15 steps, ranks towards black belt – requires the student to develop skills and tools to be a champion in life – on and off the mat!


Striking, kicking, and sparring

Tiger-Rock’s teen martial arts lessons include striking, kicking, and sparring drills. These drills help improve motor skills, physical ability, and physical fitness. As teens advance in these drills, their timing, coordination, and balance improves. Core endurance is enhanced. They also help teens further develop their capabilities in self-defense.

Physical fitness

Help teens stay fit is a major part of our program. We incorporate various calisthenics with a martial arts twist. These strength and conditioning exercises help build upper- and lower-body strength. In combination with typical teen martial arts striking, kicking, and sparring drills, a workout that improves a teen’s cardiovascular health and core endurance is developed.

Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying

In junior high and high school, bullying becomes more serious. It is important for a teen martial arts student to know what to do when they, or someone they know is being bullied. Our anti-bullying education is extensive and our training program includes extensive self-defense training. We want to help teens gain the ability to protect themselves safely and effectively.


During these years, teens begin to get deeper with their self-assessment. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we understand how important it is for teens to have a positive self-assessment. For many teens, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-awareness determines their physical, mental, and emotional comfort levels. With our inclusive environment, we aim to teach with positive reinforcement while giving every teen student the tools they need to succeed not only on the mat, but off the mat as well.

Leadership & Citizenship

Some of the most important life lessons are taught during this time. We feel that it is important for teens to cultivate those life lessons positively to make a better world. We extensively train our students in the values of good citizenship and strong leadership. In fact, we offer a Leadership Program whenever a teen student achieves a certain rank. It’s more than a martial arts system; it’s a way of life.

Advancement and Competition

Students are encouraged to take advantage of multiple opportunities per year to advance in belt ranking. These belt tests give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned on the mat. Also, as a member of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, teen martial arts students will be invited to participate in yearly tournaments in the fall, spring, and summer. Much of our training is geared towards preparing students for belt testing and competitive events.

The Tiger Rock Advantage

Why students love our teen martial arts program at Tiger-Rock Lone Tree

  • Action-packed, fun classes
  • Advanced training opportunities
  • Positive social environment
  • Totally Inclusive environment
  • Competitive opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Physical fitness
  • A positive challenge

Tiger-Cubs In Action